Working Out During & After Pregnancy - Cassie's Journey

“You are worth it! Make that time for yourself because it will always make you a better mommy!! Modeling a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important things to teach your kiddos.” - Cassie

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Everyone, meet Cassie. She recently went through her second pregnancy while taking HIIPfit classes with us here at KHF. We wanted to learn more about Cassie’s experience pre and postnatal in hopes to inspire other current and future mommies! Check out some of the questions we asked and some extra tips Cassie had to share with us.

What was your biggest challenge prenatal?

“I think for me it was having the energy in the beginning to get to the studio. Once I was there it was just almost second nature and I always felt better leaving then when I went in.  Working out totally helped with some headaches I had early on.”

What was your biggest challenge postnatal / Getting back into working out?

“Finding the mental space and time with everything a new mother has going on. And tackling the treads! (Which was nowhere as difficult as I had made it in my mind- almost back to where I was before pregnancy and 3 months postpartum)”

What were the noticeable benefits from staying on track with working out through your pregnancy?

“My energy levels would be higher afterwards, my aches and pains decreased (yay for cool down and all that stretching!), My body and weight did not jump drastically, and postpartum and getting back to myself has been easier this time around.”

Were you able to still get a good workout even while pregnant? Did you need to modify anything? Were the instructors helpful in your modifications?

“Yes! I worked out until 36 weeks. I really only started modifying heavily around the third trimester and when my belly just would not allow for being on stomach and some ab work. I am not a natural runner so I still ran but maybe not on inclines as much. The instructors were always so helpful. We would chat before class and look at the moves for that day and come up with options if I ever felt like the original moves were going to be a challenge.”  

Was staying on track with nutrition a challenge? Do you have any tips for new mommies for eating habits?

“I had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies so nutrition played a huge part. The first time I was not working out and felt like I was missing out on the whole "eat whatever you crave" thing. This time I continued to eat normally and took counting macros and having higher protein to heart. The GD was much easier to manage this time and my diet/exercise combo played a huge part! I did not go overboard but allowed for a treat or two and always knew that getting into the studio provided a good balance for me. TIP: Don't go for the kiddos snacks! If you pack snacks for them pack some healthy options for yourself. And dump those plates! Don't play clean up just because your kid didn't eat their meal. That to me is mindless eating and adds up quickly.”

Any other tips you could give new mommies or moms thinking of having another child?

“Don't be scared to get that workout in. It will help you in more ways than you think. Find yourself a supportive sports bra, maybe some good shoe inserts and a belly band can be helpful toward the end when the pelvic pressure is building.”

Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us Cassie. You are an inspiration to a lot of people in your community. We appreciate your dedication to your fitness lifestyle. You are setting a great example for your family and for future families out there. Keep up the good work!

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