HIIPfit (High Intensity Interval Programming)  is an exclusive KHF high intensity interval workout program designed to burn calories, increase mobility and build muscle by combining cardio, weight training, and yoga. 

The class is broken down into:

  • the Warm Up (Yoga + Muscle Activation)
  • 2 Tread Sets(Interval Cardio)
  • 2 Floor Sets (Weight Training and Yoga-centric Movement) 
  • the Burnout (Power Yoga + Core) 
  • the Cool Down (Yin + Deep Stretch Yoga) 

The two Floor Sets each have three exercises (total of six). Three are the prescribed moves of the month chosen by Kyle Hous + Fitness Director Melo Russel and the other three moves are left up to our talented trainers.  

Below you will see this month's prescribed moves. 

Review them, practice them on your own, and progress with the movement in class over the entire month. 

Reminder the Full Body Friday HIIPfit Class and the Full Body Saturday Class will only feature two prescriptions.  The third is announced on Facebook on Thursday each week!  



Lying back on the bench, start with one dumbbell over head withsoft elbows; open your arm out towards your shoulder (like a hug) and bring it back to the middle. Weight should be enough to cause your core to become engaged preventing you from rolling out towards the lowering dumbbell.

In a warrior one position, grab two dumbbells with soft elbows; pull the shoulder blades and elbows back together in a flying motion. Careful not to extend the elbows. Do all repetitions on one side or switch legs half way.

Loop a resistance band through the inclined bench nodules and place one foot onto the bench. Grab both handles and pull them toward your armpits keeping elbows out wide, squeezing shoulders blades together and slowly releasing to start position.


Taking a wider than hip width stance, toes and knees pointed out, grab one dumbbell while holding horizontal or vertical. Keeping your knees softly bent, hinge at the hips as low as possible without rounding or hyperextending your spine and keeping your shoulders down and back. Return to starting position and repeat.

Starting with both feet together, extend one leg back into a curtsy lunge and return to starting position. Then extend that same leg into a reverse lunge with options to add a toe tap or knee raise with either. Repeat repetitions on the other side.

Starting in a narrow stance squat either step or hop out to a wider stance squat, and back to the narrow stance. This is one repetition. Keep you knee, ankle and toe in alignment in both positions with your chest tall and a long spine.


Find a wider than hips stance with your knees and toes pointed out; hold here or perform a sumo squat while adding in an Arnold press (one dumbbell in each hand, start at shoulder level, palms facing you. extend arms up and over head while rotating palms away from you, return to start position).

Lying back on the bench with one dumbbell in each hand, extend your arms all the way down to your sides and curl all the way up. Keep your curl and extension under control. Be mindful to keep your shoulders back against the bench.

Start in a high plank position, press your hips back towards your heels while bending at your knees. We like to call this a Crouching Dog. Then, extend back to high plank position where you will do a tricep pushup on your toes or your knees. For more fun you can hover a leg while you do your push-ups.


Starting on a side hip bone and on your forearm, legs can be on the ground or off. Roll to your sit bones while maintaining a long spine and extended legs (boat pose). Under control roll back to start position. All repetitions one side or alternate.You could hover the arms at all times for a different option.

Finding a triangle pose, options to use bodyweight or grab one/two dumbbells. One arm will extend over head while the other extends towards the ground. Keeping both knees straight, but not locked, and arm over head, reach as far towards the ground as possible while tipping at the hip. Using the obliques to pull back to start position.

While seated on the bench or floor, find boat pose. Knees can be extended, bent, or feet can be flat. Take 1 dumbbell long ways and as you hold boat use a canoe paddling motion to make a figure 8, rotating down to each side and back to center


Reminder the Full Body Friday HIIPfit Class and the Full Body Saturday Class will only feature two prescriptions.  The third is announced on Facebook on Thursday each week!  

Find a split stance on the floor or one foot on a bench. Dumbbells in both hands. As you lower down into a squat, scoop both arms up towards each other meeting together slightly above shoulder level. Slowly lower both arms down as you stand. All reps one side and repeat other side.

Lie back on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Starting with both dumbbells at your side, press both up, once at the top soften elbows and open up towards shoulder level in a fly motion. Return dumbbells to starting position overhead, and then back down to your sides. One movement each way is one repetition. 


Reminder the Full Body Friday HIIPfit Class and the Full Body Saturday Class will only feature two prescriptions.  The third is announced on Facebook on Thursday each week!  

Two dumbbells in hands with knees soft, slowly tip at the hips lowering the dumbbells towards the ground. Stretching as much as possible without losing neutral spine and keeping shoulders down and back. At the bottom of the Romanian deadlift pull both dumbbells up towards your side for the rowing action. Return dumbbells down, and slowly raise back up to standing position. 

Start in a standing position holding one dumbbell in a goblet position. Legs are in a narrow stance, feet about hip distance apart. Perform the narrow squat by pushing hips back, putting weight in the heels. Work to keep your chest lifted and spine nice and tall. Extend legs to come out of the squat. At the top of the squat press the dumbbell overhead. Work to get arms beside the ears and work on shoulder mobility.