Below you will see your Kyle House Fitness prescribed HIIPfit moves for September. 

Review them, practice them, and progress with the movement in class over the entire month. 

Reminder the Full Body Friday HIIPfit Class and the Full Body Saturday Class will only feature two prescribed moves.  The third is announced on Facebook on Thursday each week!




Decline Bench Press Decline the back of the bench. Lay flat on the bench with a set of dumbbells. Press the dumbbells up over your chest and lower back to start position, stopping elbows at shoulder level. Option is to keep the bench flat.



Single Arm Banded Row Loop a resistance band through the front of the bench. Stand on top of the bench with a split stance. Grab both handles with the hand opposite of the lead leg. Perform all reps one side, switch lead legs and hand to repeat reps. Options include staying in a softly bent knee and slightly hinged position, coming down into a split squat hold position, or placing the back foot on the ground.



Traveling Pushup: Start behind your bench with one hand on the bench, the other hand on the floor. Perform a pushup and then walk the bottom hand to the bench, the top hand to the floor. Alternate top hands after each pushup. Options include knees or toes, or performing pushups on the floor using the same alternating hand positions (One hand in close, the other out wide; pushup and then move the outside hand in close, the close hand out wide).





Runner's Lunge Complex: Start in a runners lunge (hands on the ground, front foot in between both hands, back foot is planted, knee is fully extended off the ground). From here put weight in the hands and front foot and slowly begin to lift back off the ground as you extend the back leg as high as you can into your standing splits. Then slowly bend the top leg as you lower your top knee towards the outside of the standing leg’s calf. After tapping knee to outside of calf, extend leg back to standing splits, and slowly lower into your runners lunge. Option is to use the bench for your hands. Perform all reps on one side and switch lead legs for reps.


Pyramid + Single Arm RDL: Start in a standing position and step one foot back about a shoe size or two away from the front foot. Dumbbell is placed in the hand opposite of the front foot. Keeping knees softly bent and a long spine, perform a straight leg deadlift. Perform all reps one side and switch lead legs and dumbbell hands.


Hip Lifts: Starting in a table top position and keeping knee bent at 90 degrees, slowly lift leg out to the side, return to center and still maintaining a bent knee, extend leg up towards ceiling. Options include adding a dumbbell behind the knee for added resistance or coming into a high plank hold for all reps. Maintain level hips and a tight core throughout exercise. 1 rep each direction is 1 total rep.





Chaturanga + Updog/Cobra: Start in a high plank position with arms right at your side. Rock forward slightly past your hands and slowly lower all the way down to the ground. Raise up in updog or low cobra and then press yourself back to a high plank position. Options include knees or toes for the chaturanga.




Gate Pose + Single Arm Curl: Start in a kneeling position and then step one foot out as you open up the hip towards the side wall. Grab a dumbbell with the same side hand as the externally rotated hip and place that upper arm/elbow into the thigh. Perform a bicep curl while keeping the arm up against the thigh. Do all reps one side then switch legs and arms. Keep spine as tall as possible (may have slight lateral flexion) and maintain rotation of the hip. Options include staying kneeling with both knees down or in a seated position on the bench.



Tree Pose + Pull Apart: Start in a standing position with a resistance band held at shoulder level and about shoulder width apart with the grip (hands closer=more resistance, hands farther=less resistance). Maintain a long spine and soft elbows. After finding your balance, pull the resistance band apart, stopping at the shoulders. Keep tension in the band as you slowly bring both hands towards each other.  Focus is the posterior deltoid. Perform all reps one side, switch legs and repeat for reps. Tree pose options include foot place on the standing leg with heel elevated and toes planted, foot placed on standing leg below the knee, or foot placed on standing leg above the knee.





Plank + Jack Rabbit: Start in a high plank position. Step both feet in to where your knees are stacked right below your hips and barely above the ground. Step both feet back to your high plank position. Keep hips as level as possible with little movement besides your feet. Option includes hopping in and out of your high plank. High plank-jack rabbit-back to high plank is 1 rep.



Reverse Table Top Taps: Start in a reverse table top position with knees and hips at 90 degrees. Raise shoulders off the ground and extend arms towards heels. Reach for one heel at a time. Option can be to return to the ground between each reach.



Windshield Wipers: Lay on the ground with legs extended towards the ceiling, arms out to a T. Slowly lower your legs at a 45 degree angle towards the ground, bring legs back to center, and then over to the other side. Lower down as much as you can control without arching your spine away from the ground. Options include bending the knees, or adding a dumbbell and holding it up over your chest.



Reminder the Full Body Friday HIIPfit Class and the Full Body Saturday Class will only feature two prescriptions.  

The third is announced on Facebook on Thursday each week!  


Lunge Twist Press: Start in a lunge position with same side arm as forward leg, straight up in the air (dumbbell optional), the other arm is at a 90 degree bend at the waist (dumbbell optional). Lunge down and at the bottom of the lunge, the hand at the waist will punch across the body adding a torso rotation. Keep the top arm as straight as possible and right at your ear. Stand up and bring punching arm back to start position. Perform all reps one side and then switch arm positions and front leg to repeat reps. Options includes lowering the extended arm down to shoulder level between each rep, or doing the exercise without dumbbells.


Chest Press + Hip Thrust: Place shoulders, upper back, and head on the bench while planting feet flat on the ground in a reverse table top position. Pressing hips towards the ceiling perform a chest press. As you lower the weights back towards the bench, lower the hips toward the ground. Options include holding the hips up for all reps while on the bench, or performing either option completely on the floor.




Reminder the Full Body Friday HIIPfit Class and the Full Body Saturday Class will only feature two prescriptions.  The third is announced on Facebook on Thursday each week!  


Sumo + Twisted Windmills: Start in a sumo stance. Squat down and as you do rotate your torso to press one arm towards the ceiling and lower the other arm towards the floor for a windmill. Un-rotate back to a neutral spine position as you bring the arms back to the chest and stand. Perform all reps one side or alternate. Options include keeping arms out at a T position the whole time, not using dumbbells, or holding a sumo squat position the whole time.  



SL RDL + Rev Fly: Start in a standing position with a set of dumbbells. Once you find your single leg balance, slowly perform a single leg RDL keeping hips neutral and bringing your body as parallel to the floor as possible. Once here, perform a reverse fly with the focus more on the upper back and not posterior deltoids (keep elbows in close to side throughout the movement). Lower the weights back to start position and slowly raise back to standing position. Here either hover the foot off the ground or tap the toe to regain balance. Options include keeping both feet planted for the RDL or finding a split stance with back toes planted.

HIIPfit (High Intensity Interval Programming)  is an exclusive KHF high intensity interval workout program designed to burn calories, increase mobility and build muscle by combining cardio, weight training, and yoga. 

Below you will see this month's prescribed moves. 

Review them, practice them on your own, and progress with the movement in class over the entire month. 

Reminder the Full Body Friday HIIPfit Class and the Full Body Saturday Class will only feature two prescriptions.  The third is announced on Facebook on Thursday each week!  

The class is broken down into:

  • the Warm Up (Yoga + Muscle Activation)
  • 2 Tread Sets(Interval Cardio)
  • 2 Floor Sets (Weight Training and Yoga-centric Movement) 
  • the Burnout (Power Yoga + Core) 
  • the Cool Down (Yin + Deep Stretch Yoga) 

The two Floor Sets each have three exercises (total of six). Three are the prescribed moves of the month chosen by Kyle Hous + Fitness Director Melo Russel and the other three moves are left up to our talented trainers.