Checkout the Kyle House Fitness prescribed HIIPfit moves for July 2019!  

Watch them, practice them and perfect them in class throughout the month of June.



Exercise 1

Mini Band Pushups

Loop a mini band around the wrist (LOW position) and start in a high plank position. Keep tension on the band, perform a pushup and then lift one arm off the ground reaching to the front wall, put it back down. After the next pushup, reach with the opposite arm. The mini band will force the hands to stay at almost a diamond shape, and keep the arms at more of a 45 degree angle at your side. Options include being on your knees, or losing the mini band for either option.

Exercise 2

Underhand Row

Grab one dumbbell and place the opposite hand and knee on the bench with a long spine in a bent over position. Flip the dumbbell over to where the palm is facing up and perform a row. Do all reps on one side, switch, and repeat for reps on the other side. Option includes coming in to a chair position to perform the exercise. 

Exercise 3

A Press

Grab a set of weights and lay flat on your bench. Start with the arms at a 90 degree bend, elbows lined up with the shoulders, palms facing each other-think of the bottom of the A, with elbows out wide. Press the dumbbells up and towards each other, meeting over your chest-think of the top of the A, dumbbells in close together. Lower back down to start position. Option includes performing a regular bench press. 



Exercise 1

Squat Walk

Loop a mini band around your thighs (HIGH Position) and find a squat position. Staying low and keeping tension in the band throughout, laterally step to the right 2-3 times and then to the left 2-3 times. Going to the right is 1 rep, going to the left is 1 rep. Don’t allow the feet to touch as this will create slack in the mini band. Options include doing the same exercise without the mini band, or adding a dumbbell held in a goblet position. 

Exercise 2

Step Up Hops

Place one foot on the bench, the other on the ground. Step up quickly and almost hopping up at the top, switch lead legs to repeat on the other side. Options include doing the same movement at a slower pace, lowering the bench legs, or going on to the ground stepping one leg back into a crescent lunge and driving that same leg into a single leg raise. 

Exercise 3

Dumbbell Curls

Start in a table top position with one dumbbell standing upright behind you. Place a foot on either side of the dumbbell’s handle, bring the feet together and now the dumbbell is held firmly between both feet. From here walk both hands out so that now you’re in a high plank position but on your knees. Keeping a tight grip on the dumbbell pull both feet up towards your rear and lower back under control. Options include doing this without the dumbbell and really focusing on squeezing and pausing at each position to maintain the muscle contraction, or using a mini band and laying flat on the ground (loop one end around the mid foot (stationary leg), the other end around the ankle (moving leg) and curl one leg up at a time.



Exercise 1

Chaturanga + Updog

Start in a high plank position with arms right at your sides, elbows pointing back behind you. Perform two chaturanga or narrow push-ups and after the second one lower all the way down to the ground, and raise up in Up Dog. This is one rep. Options include coming down to the knees for the chaturanga push-ups, and going into Low Cobra instead of Up Dog. Keep arms right at your sides throughout the movement. 

Exercise 2

Half to Full Curls

Loop a resistance band through the front bottom notches of your bench. Stand on top of the bench in a chair position with a handle in each hand. Curl the band up to the half way point-elbow to hip, roughly 90 degree angle, pause for 1-2 counts-and then curl the rest of the way up before lowering back to start position as slowly as possible. This is one rep. Options include performing the curls without the pause in the middle or coming down to the floor with a set of dumbbells for either option.

Exercise 3

Warrior Raises

Start in a Warrior 1 position with a mini band looped around the wrist (LOW position). Bring fully extended arms in front of the body, both at shoulder level. Press against the band first, then raise both arms together up overhead, lower back to start position and slightly relax the band. Keep the press against the band throughout the movement. Do all reps on one side, switch lead legs and repeat. Option includes finding a chair position or seated position instead. 



Exercise 1

Spider Crunches

Loop a mini band around the ankles (LOW position) and set up in a high plank position. Bring the right knee out wide towards the right elbow and return to start position. Bring the left knee out wide towards the left elbow and return to start position. ROM will be limited with the mini band so don’t stretch the band as far as possible; start with the blue band. Think of crunching into the obliques with every rep. Alternate or do all one side then the other. Option includes doing the same movement without the mini band or on your knees. 

Tip: to keep the mini band more secure around the mid foot, separate the feet slightly. 

Exercise 2

Core Complex

Lay back on the bench with knees bent at 90 degrees and over the hips in your reverse table top position. Crunch the upper body up and hold as you extend both legs out. Once fully extended separate the legs, bring the legs back together, and then pull the legs back to start position. Option includes lowering the upper crunch after each rep, keeping the upper body flat on the bench and gripping the sides of the bench throughout the movement, or doing any of the options on the ground.

Exercise 3

Situp + V-up

Lay on the ground with knees slightly bent and feet planted. Perform a sit-up as you rotate to one side and lay back down. From here perform a V-Up (knees can be bent or extended, getting just the shoulders off the ground, or trying to get all of the upper body off the ground) and lay back down. Next rep you will rotate to the other side on your sit up and repeat the V-Up. Option includes performing a rotational crunch instead of the sit-up. 



Exercise 1

Walkout + Fly

Loop a mini band around the thighs (HIGH position) lay on the ground with feet flat, knees bent and a set of dumbbells held up over your chest. Lift the hips up and hold as you perform a chest fly. Hold the fly at the top squeezing the dumbbells together, and walk each leg out one step each, then walk each leg back in one step each, maintaining tension through the band at all times. That is one rep. Options include the same exercise without the mini band, holding the bridge the entire time without walking the feet in and out, or lowering the hips after each rep to reset. 

Tip: Try to keep the heels in the ground and the toes lifted up as you walk in and out for more hamstring activation.

Exercise 2

Sit - Stand + PRess

Sit on the bench with a set of dumbbells held at shoulder level, palms facing you. As you stand rotate the dumbbells away from each other and up over head. As you sit reverse the movement to end with palms facing you again. Option includes doing a squat with the press instead of sitting all the way down.

Exercise 3

RDL + Reverse Fly

Start in a standing position with a set of dumbbells. With a long spine, soft knees, and one foot a couple of steps ahead of the other, hinge forward at the hips until you feel a stretch of the hamstrings, then perform a reverse fly targeting the mid- upper back. Relax the weights and stand back up. Do all reps on one side, switch lead legs and repeat for reps. Option includes bringing both feet together the RDL instead of the single leg focus.



Exercise 1

Bridge + Pullover

Place upper back on the bench while the lower body is on the ground-knees bent, feet planted. Grip one end of a dumbbell with a diamond grip and start with it over the chest, soft elbows. With one leg press the hips up towards the ceiling and hold at the top, as you lower the dumbbell back behind. Pull the dumbbell back over the chest, as you lower the hips back to the ground using that same one leg. All reps can be done on one leg, or alternate each rep. Options include performing the movement with both feet planted throughout, or holding the hips at the top the entire time. 

Exercise 2

Reverse Lunge + Raise

Stand with a set of dumbbells held at your sides, palms facing each other. Step back is nto a reverse lunge and simultaneously lift both arms up to shoulder level, thumbs lead the way and elbows soft. Step together and lower the weights. Reps can be done all on one leg and then switch or alternate each rep. Option includes doing a squat instead of the lunge.

Exercise 3

Pushup + Extension

Loop a mini band around the ankles (LOW position) and set up in a high plank position; maintain tension in the band throughout the movement. Keeping the leg fully extended, grab a pushup as you lift one leg off the ground simultaneously. After that rep, switch legs for the next push-up. Options include doing the movement without the mini band, moving the mini band up around the thighs (HIGH position), and performing the push-up on your knees as you simultaneously extend one bent leg at a time for the same movement. Do all reps one side and switch or alternate each rep. 

Tip: keep spine long and core tight throughout, now allowing the extension of the leg to cause crunching through the spine. Rather squeeze through the glute, lifting only as high as comfortable. ROM may be limited. Keep a stick straight leg, heels up, and lift with the glute.