HIIPfit (High Intensity Interval Programming)  is an exclusive KHF high intensity interval workout program designed to burn calories, increase mobility and build muscle by combining cardio, weight training, and yoga. 

Below you will see this month's prescribed moves. 

Review them, practice them on your own, and progress with the movement in class over the entire month. 

Reminder the Full Body Friday HIIPfit Class and the Full Body Saturday Class will only feature two prescriptions.  The third is announced on Facebook on Thursday each week!  



Incline a bench and loop a resistance band through the second from the bottom notches. Take a seat and  Grip the handles with an underhand grip and with soft elbows. Scoop the handles from your side up towards mid chest level, bring the handles towards each other. Slowly return to your side. For more resistance sit to the front of the bench; for less resistance sit closer to the back of your bench. 


Start in a low lunge position. Grab a resistance band with both hands, straighten your arms with only a slight bend in your elbows. Lift your arms up over head and slightly pull the band apart to maintain tension. Then slowly pull one elbow towards your side keeping elbow wide, while the other arm stays outstretched overhead. Perform reps and then switch arms and legs to repeat reps other side. The closer the hands are on the band the more tension, farther apart, less tension. 


Start in a high plank position and slowly lower all the way down to the ground. Release your hands from the floor and extend both arms out in front of your body as you raise your upper and lower body off the ground finding a long body extension. Slowly lower back to the ground and return hands to start position. Press yourself back to high plank position. Option is to be on your knees. 



Start in a wider than hip width stance with knees and toes pointed out wide. Perform a squat and after returning to start position, drop one knee down as you rotate out to one side for a narrow lunge. Lunge down and as return to start position, rotate back to the front facing position. After the next sumo squat rotate to the other side for another narrow lunge. Alternate sides or perform all reps one side and then the other. 


Lay down on your back with knees bent and feet on the bench. Dig your heels into the bench and lift one leg up, keeping both knees in alignment. Press your hips up into the air using the grounded leg’s hamstring, and slowly lower back down. Arms can be crossed over the chest, or down by your side. Options include performing exercise without using the bench, and/or performing exercise with both feet planted to bridge. Focus to get more hamstring involvement. 


Starting in down dog, lift one leg up keeping the hips in alignment; biggest focus here is that the hips stay level and squared up. Keep the leg lift in the mid range of motion (not going all the way up or down). Perform reps and then switch legs. Focus is glutes. 



Stand on a resistance band while holding a handle with each hand. Slowly perform a bicep curl but keep the movement in the mid range of motion (above thigh to chest level, not going all the way up or down). Options include taking one foot off of the band for less resistance. 



Start in a tall kneeling position. Grip one end of a dumbbell making a diamond with both hands. Extend both arms up over head keeping the arms in close to the sides of the head. Slowly bend the elbows and lower the dumbbell back behind your head.Then press the weight back up overhead. Options include standing or sitting on the bench. 


Find a warrior 1 position and tip forward at the hips slightly. With a light set of weights row up towards your chest then press the weights out away from you at shoulder level. Slowly lower back down towards your front knee. Think of a bat wing flap. Perform reps with one leg forward and then switch legs and repeat reps. 



Loop a band through the bottom notches at the front of the bench and then pull the band all the way through to one side. Stand on top of your bench holding the handle of the long side of your resistance band. The band should be coming from behind you. Softly bend the knees, and stretch your arms out in front of your chest with softly bent elbows. Rotate your trunk away from the band using the obliques and return to center, this is 1 rep. Repeat reps one side and then switching the resistance band to the other side, face the opposite direction and perform reps on other side. 


 Lay flat on the ground with arms stretched over head. As you sit up, raise one leg up, reaching for the toes with outstretched arms and lay back down; this is 1 rep. Repeat with the other leg. Options include double leg V-up or bending the knees for either option. 


Lay back on the floor with knees bent, feet flat. As you sit all the way up, reach one elbow towards the opposite knee as you bring the opposite knee up to meet your elbow. Lower back down under control and then repeat on the other side.


Reminder the Full Body Friday HIIPfit Class and the Full Body Saturday Class will only feature two prescriptions.  The third is announced on Facebook on Thursday each week!  

Sit in boat position with feet planted or lifted off the ground and perform a bicep curl. This can be done on the floor or seated on a bench. 


 Start in a standing position. Bring both arms down to the ground and with softly bent knees, walk your hands out to a high plank position. Once in the high plank position, walk your hands back towards your legs and stand up. From here there are three options: come to a stand, perform a squat jump, or perform a tuck jump. Then repeat for reps.


Reminder the Full Body Friday HIIPfit Class and the Full Body Saturday Class will only feature two prescriptions.  The third is announced on Facebook on Thursday each week!  

 Find your high plank position with a slightly wider than hip width foot position, and with one hand more centrally placed. With the other hand grab a light dumbbell. Pull the dumbbell up towards your side. Keep your elbow high as you extend the dumbbell back towards your feet. Return to start position. Complete reps, switch arms and repeat other side. Options include coming down to your knees for the plank, and to bring the dumbbell back to the ground between each kickback. Keep hips level throughout the movement. 


Start in a standing position with feet hip width apart. Squat down and punch 4 times then stand up. Options include using a light set of dumbbells to punch with, and adding a squat jack in between each rep.

The class is broken down into:

  • the Warm Up (Yoga + Muscle Activation)
  • 2 Tread Sets(Interval Cardio)
  • 2 Floor Sets (Weight Training and Yoga-centric Movement) 
  • the Burnout (Power Yoga + Core) 
  • the Cool Down (Yin + Deep Stretch Yoga) 

The two Floor Sets each have three exercises (total of six). Three are the prescribed moves of the month chosen by Kyle Hous + Fitness Director Melo Russel and the other three moves are left up to our talented trainers.