Kyle House Fitness Chattanooga HIIPfit Heroes - Leah

Meet Leah.

Help us congratulate one of our very special HIIPsters that has been with us since the beginning and help us welcome her into the HIIPfit Hero club because she has completed over 400 HIIPfit classes. Right on!

Leah started her Kyle House Fitness journey with us back around the time we opened our doors in 2016. Since that time, she has been dedicated to a fitness lifestyle. Leah understands the importance of consistency with physical fitness. And, you can usually catch Leah in one of the evening classes during the weekdays or on a Saturday morning. She is an excellent runner and brings a ton of powerful energy to the HIIPfit room. Leah already had a strong yoga practice coming in and has only improved with all of her classes put in. It has been a treat being alongside Leah on her fitness journey.

We were able to sit down with Leah for a quick chat and we got to learn a little more about this HIIPfit Hero. Here are some of the questions we asked her. Let’s see what she had to say:


HIIPfit Hero - Leah

Leah Completes Over 400 HIIPfit Classes

What is your favorite thing about working out at KHF?

“The warm and welcoming community of people committed to kicking your butt every day.”

What is your favorite part of the HIIPfit high intensity interval class?

“The last minute of the burnout countdown ending in stillness and a huge exhale.”

What has been your biggest fitness success?

“Before coming to KHF I forgot that I could do things like sprint, lift heavy weights and jump over benches. Those were things people much younger than me did. I limited myself in what I thought I could do. KHF reminded me how strong and capable I still am … even if some days my knees disagree.”


What is your favorite exercise or movement in HIIPfit?

“When Mo Cantu was still in town, it was the plank sequence she did to “Purple Lamborghini”. Now I would say anything with a good arm curl, but I would love for one of our instructors to include Mo’s “Purple Lamborghini” in their class.”

What would you tell someone thinking of diving into the KHF fitness experience?

“KHF is great for anyone. You do not have to be super athlete to do the class. The second you walk in you will feel welcome. Once you are in the class you can get into your own zone. No one else cares about what level your are on or how many lifts you do, but everyone is good for a high five at then end of a round.”

What are your future fitness goals at KHF?

“A focus on eating quality, healthy food every day.”

How are you going to continue your new and improved lifestyle?

“I have exercised all my life. It is my sanity. If I am not able to have sustained deep breaths and a good sweat, I am not a nice person (my daughters will attest). I cannot imagine not being able to exercise, and I am so grateful to KHF for providing me with a refuge for my sanity.”

Leah, thank you so much for sharing your journey with everyone. You are an inspiration to your community and we LOVE how you’ve found how strong and capable you really are! We are right there with ya :)

Cheers to looking good and feeling good!

P.S. You are our HERO, and “Purple Lamborghini” just might have to make more appearances :)