Kyle House Fitness Chattanooga HIIPfit Heroes - Joe

Meet Joe.

Please help us give Joe the biggest shoutout this weekend as he has completed over 400 HIIPfit Classes! Well what do ya know Joe!? We are so proud of his hard work in the HIIPfit room and also taking ownership in his nutrition and macro nutrient programming. We have worked with Joe through some injuries and it has been awesome watching the progress and movement in the right direction. Joe definitely understands the importance of working at your own level and that fitness is something that is a lifestyle and not just a quick fix.

Joe started his Kyle House Fitness journey with us in November 2016. Since that time, he has been a staple in the KHF community. joe always take part in our 30 day challenges where he learned how to keep track of his nutrition goals! he is also a hiipfit veteran now that he has crossed over the 400 mark! it has been a joy being along this journey with joe and watching him grow stronger and faster with more mobility.

We were able to sit down with joe for a quick chat and we got to learn a little more about this HIIPfit Hero. Here are some of the questions we asked him. Let’s see what he had to say:


HIIPfit Hero - Joe

Joe Completes Over 400 HIIPfit Classes

What is your favorite thing about working out at KHF?

“I like when I walk in the front door to a bunch of smiling faces that say hi and know who I am (they may hate me, but they act like they love me ). I love that the KHF program works! As you know I did CrossFit. Initially I had great results, but they were temporary. I also feel like the KHF classes are safer than many other programs (from an injury perspective() I’ve lost about 40 pounds with KHF and have kept it off. And it has been EASY! I like the macro meal plan which is super easy and satisfying. I’m never hungry and I feel great. I also love that every now and then champagne is served after the 4:15 class (I’d be open to more of this – but I suppose another anniversary is upon the horizon!)”

What is your favorite part of the HIIPfit high intensity interval class?

“ I like that the class is broken up in segments.  My brain never has a chance to get bored or tired of what I’m doing because after 8 minutes we are already on a different exercise.  The class is over before I know it.  One hour seems like 20 minutes.  I never feel agony like I have in other gyms.  I love that trainers are always watching your form and they take time to correct your form to prevent injuries and get the most from the workout.  At KHF it doesn’t matter what fitness level you are, the trainers are always willing to help modify to meet your needs (example – Because of the plantar fasciitis I power walk, not run, but it has been working for me for almost 3 years!).”

What has been your biggest fitness success?

“Lost 40 pounds, got to 7% body fat and got a 6 pack :=) I don’t recall what my original body fat comp was, but being in single digits isn’t so bad!”


What is your favorite exercise or movement in HIIPfit?

“Down dog pushups with feet on the bench. Just seems so fancy…..”

What would you tell someone thinking of diving into the KHF fitness experience?

“One size fits all (if not most).  It doesn’t matter your skill level, a newbie can benefit from this program.  It is an intimidation free zone.  And all other members are so friendly and supportive.  It may seem expensive at first, but paying for a membership elsewhere which you get no results and hardly ever attend is way more expensive and a waste of time.  I look great.  I have increased confidence and there’s more to exercise than the physical.  I believe that there’s unmeasurable mental benefits to exercise.”

What are your future fitness goals at KHF?

““I’d like to get back from 9% to 7% body fat”

How are you going to continue your new and improved lifestyle?

“I will keep coming to KH and hopefully keep running faster and getting stronger. I want to be back at 7% BF and gain some muscle.”

Joe, thank you so much for sharing your journey with everyone. We can’t wait to see you back at 7% body fat! we know you can get there in no time. we also feel there should be champagne served after the 4:15 classes more often ;) keep up the good work god sir!

Cheers to looking good and feeling good!

P.S. You are our HERO :D