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Meet Kyle House Fitness member Eliza

It's really fun, I think it's the most fun I have had working out.  

Running was something I never thought I could do again. But I signed up for my first Kyle House Fitness HIIPfit class and I started out just walking all of the intervals. From there I slowly started to increase my walking speed, but I would still be pretty much walking.  But, now, just a couple months later, I am running during the working set intervals.  I am not a sprinter by any means... I am not maxing out the treadmill, but I am pushing myself to do what I consider running. It really all started for me just setting small fitness goals to get faster over time and being able to run today feels amazing. 

All the exercises, the treadmills work everything can be modified to where you are. Then, with the help of each instructor you just gradually move up from there.  If you keep going, and stay disciplined you'll increase your weights, your speed and everything.

The confidence I feel, it just makes me feel great! Even the days when you just barely make it here, and are dragging as soon as your done, your like... that was great I am so glad I just came. Leaving the classroom you feel amazing. 

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