This week’s Full Body HIIPfit Move Of The Week (MOTW) is brought to you by instructors Ari and Lynn. For this week, we give you the Elevated Jack Rabbit. Utilizing a bench, you will find this one adding a whole new dynamic to the original Jack Rabbit posture. Here are a few benefits of the Elevated Jack Rabbit and why it makes us look good and feel good:


  • Tones the arms and helps to support the body by strengthening  stabilization muscles for the wrists, elbows and shoulders

  • Firms the tummy and in turn helps to support your spinal column particularly in the low back

  • Builds lean muscle for your hips and thighs. The calisthenic aspect of this movement uses your own bodyweight to build stronger and more shapely legs and thighs



How to perform the Elevated Jack Rabbit:

  • Start off by taking your feet up on top of a bench with toes tucked. Your body will be in a prone position with shoulders stacked over your wrists and hips stacked over the knees

  • Keep arms stabilized as you step your right foot to tap the floor to your right. You will extend the leg flexing the thighs and then bring the leg back to the starting position. Repeat for the left leg

  • For an added bonus, grab a push up when you bring your feet back to the starting position after a full round of right to left

  • Be mindful to keep an extended spine and maintain the natural curvature to your back

  • Perform 10-16 reps each step out counting as one rep. Boom

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