KHF’s HIIPfit is an interval workout program designed to increases fat loss, tone muscle, and boost your metabolism while developing mobility and flexibility. But HIIPfit is more than a class, it’s a full mind and body experience fueled by the rhythm of music, signature lighting, and charismatic instructors.

Our workouts are designed for individuals of all fitness levels, from total newbie to athletes.

We developed this page so you can be ready to tackle your first HIIPfit class. Check out each section and get ready to earn that burn! 

In addition to the 60 min format, KHF also offers an express class at 12:00pm M-F.
12:00pm HIIPfit Express45: We know most people don’t always have time during their lunch break to do a full 60 minutes and that’s why each 12:00pm class during the week is a 45 min express class.  The 45 min express class is 35 minutes of high-intensity cardiovascular work on treadmills, muscle-sculpting strength training, and power yoga on the floor with a five minute warm-up and five minute cool down.