• Checkout some of our workout videos, especially the Moves of the Month.

  • What will I need: Workout clothes, running shoes, and water.

  • Email us at if you have any questions.


  • Get to the studio 15 minutes before the start of class and let the front desk know you have arrived for your first class. This will give us a chance to give you a quick tour and introduce you to your instructor.

  • You will receive a number and be assigned to the floor or tread.

  • Stay hydrated. Buy or bring water.


  • Remember, you need workout clothes + running shoes + water + a smile

  • We begin with a warm-up on the floor all together

  • After the warm-up if you’re starting on treads you’ll head to your assigned tread and start walking or jogging. If you’re starting on the floor you’ll stay on the floor.

  • You’ll workout in varying intervals for 50 minutes. Each person will do two rounds on the floor and two rounds on the treads. Then everyone moves to the floor for the burnout a combo of power yoga and core.

    • Treads: The cardiovascular work on the treadmills is broken into Working Sets & Active Recovery. You pick your speed in each, we call it Finding Your Challenge.

    • Floor: On the floor the instructor will give a quick demo of three total moves and then you’ll pick your weights and get to work doing as many rounds of the three exercises as possible.

    • Burnout: the instructor will guide the entire class through a mix of power yoga and core. And don’t worry if you are new to yoga centric movements. There are signature positions we use in each class; downdog, chair pose, warrior 1, warrior 2.

  • You’ll finish your workout with the cool down.  


  • KHF offers memberships and class packages.

  • You can book classes on the KHF App or here on the KHF website.