KHF HIIPfit Heroes


HIIPfit Hero - Jen

Jen Completed Over 400 HIIPfit Classes

Meet Jen.

Jen has completed over 400 HIIPfit classes. This makes Jen our next HIIPfit Hero in Kyle House Fitness history.

Jen started her KHF journey with our 30 Day Challenge in 2017 and he has been consistent and dedicated to her fitness goals ever since. Jen does a combination of our signature HIIPfit classes mixed in with personal training and private yoga lessons. Jen is full of joy and bright energy and she adds to the warmth of the KHF community. The results from all the hard work she puts in are definitely showing! Way to go Jen! #HIIPfitHero

We were able to sit down with Jen for a quick chat and we got to learn a little more about this HIIPfit Hero.

What is your favorite thing about KHF?

“Seriously!?! How much time do we have? Ok if I have to pick one thing it would be the environment. KHF and all the people under this roof are warm, welcoming, diverse, supportive, energetic, open, encouraging, trustworthy and fun!! All anyone wants or expects is for each of us to do and be the very best we can. Now that I think about it, KHF holds the same traits I’m always preaching to my children as crucial in order to be a good friend and human. It’s probably what makes KHF feel like home to me. (tearballs!!)”

What is your favorite part of the HIIPfit high intensity interval class?

“I love weights, the burnout kicks my rear and I manage my way through the treadmill rounds. But what I appreciate most is the cool-down. I’m drenched and I usually can’t breathe but once I hit the floor, close my eyes and melt in, I have a chance to chill, breathe and reflect on what I just did. I’m not always great about taking credit for the good things I do. During the cool-down I force myself to say “Good job Jen!” about something I accomplished during that hour or even that day or week. It’s a good and healthy practice for me.”

What has been your biggest fitness success?

“Oh goodness. Measurable success would be that I’ve lost over 30 lbs and I don’t even know how many inches since I came to KHF. But what’s more important to me is how I feel. I’m 46 and I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have! I feel like I’ve become a positive example for my family, especially my children. I’ve shown them that it’s okay to be selfish when it comes to your health. That, for me, is success!! (I’ve even been told that their friends think I’m a badass bc I have muscles. That makes me giggle)”


What is your favorite movement in HIIPfit?

“All things Monday! Upper body is my jam. Love a good ole fashion DB press because I can really measure my progress with weight. Also love a crouching dog to push-up. Something about it makes me feel super strong and powerful.”

“Wait...I love all things Thursday too!! #absbyari is my other jam. ;-)”

What are your future fitness goals at KHF?

“My goal is to maintain! I’ve come farther than I ever thought I could. Gaining more strength would just be icing on the cake! Oh I also want to build up to a solid handstand this year!!”

How are you going to continue your new and improved lifestyle?

“I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on!! I’ve found a formula and community that works for me. I’m sure I’ll make little tweaks here and there but KHF has my complete trust and I’ll continue my fitness journey here for sure!”

Jen, thanks for bringing all the bright energy to the studio every workout. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. We can’t wait to see what is in store for your future fitness journey.

Cheers to looking good and feeling good!

P.S. You are our HERO :)