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Bev’s Story: Staying in good health leads to a faster recovery time.

Beverly Wright (Bev) is proof that working out on a regular basis and practicing mindfulness can help you bounce back from a surgery or major injury in a shorter amount of time. Bev has been working out with us at KHF for a while and we were honored to be alongside her during her recovery process. She shared her story and road to recovery with us and we continue to be inspired by her!

Read on for an inspirational account from Bev herself :)


“On February 2 I made an impulsive decision to climb up my deck and into a river birch tree to switch batteries on a security camera...I fell hitting the right side of my body on the decking and then fell 10 feet more to the ground.  I was knocked out and all alone.  I came to and climbed 16 stairs into my cabin. I alerted a neighbor who got an ambulance there, they made a fast decision to air lift me to Erlanger trauma center 2 hours away. After lots of tests, the doctors determined I had 12 broken ribs, a broken clavicle, a broken scapula, a concussion and a punctured lung. A chest tube was inserted and I spent 5 days in the hospital barely able to move. After my release I had RN friends and family for 4 weeks. One week after I was home my clavicle badly displaced and I decided to have surgery and a plate put in to repair it...another day in the hospital. I had to have help bathing, bathroom, Etcetera.... I lived in a mobility lift chair for 1 month.”

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“I was on Oxycodone every 4 hours for pain for 3 weeks. At 3 weeks I turned a corner and started my road to recovery and was so determined to heal. I meditated every day through this tremendous pain, I started walking up and down my halls in my condo 3 times a day, I got up and made my own food, I went off Oxy and began ibuprofen instead.  I moved back into my bed at 4 weeks out.  Then started walking my dog again about 3 blocks ,3 times a day. At 5 weeks, I started occupational and physical therapy 2 days a week at Sisken. They were awesome determined to get strong I did the PT and OT exercise program at home 3 times a day.”

“Then at 2 months out I graduated from PT and OT hitting all my goals. I contacted Kyle House Fitness again and hired a Personal trainer to help me get strong enough to get back into HIIPfit classes!! Josh Tryon was meticulous. He assessed me head to toe, had me wear a heart rate monitor and watched me so carefully. After 4 weeks with Josh I did my first class!!!  I had my daughter Kailyn , friend Cheri and my trainer Josh all there supporting me while doing Kyle’s 12:00 class!!! Thanks everyone for the love and support !!! I’m so happy to be back only 3 months after breaking my self up pretty bad!!!”

Saying we are proud of Bev doesn’t even begin to represent how much love we have for her and all her hard work and motivation to get back to where she wants to be. Bev, you are an inspiration for many recovering from injuries and surgeries. You show us just how far we can go with a drive and passion to be as healthy and fit as possible. Outstanding!

Thank you for sharing your recovery story with us and see you in the HIIPfit room lovely!


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