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"It’s not the size of the gym, it’s the way you use it, and using a small space well means choosing the right equipment."

Most gym owners know that every square inch of their space is valuable real estate, but more space isn’t always the right answer. There are only two things that take up space in a studio or gym – equipment and people. So, the real question is, do you have the right equipment?

Here is a quick list of three things to ask yourself before making an equipment purchase, specifically for smaller spaces.


‘Twas the Night Before Fitness: Inexpensive Ways to Incorporate Holiday Spirit Into Group Experiences

In December, many cultures and groups celebrate the end of the year with various themes and celebrations. Adding some special flavor to the group fitness experience gives participants extra reasons for coming to the club instead of avoiding the gym in favor of getting caught up in the normal holiday rush of things. Here are some easy-to-implement ideas from group fitness experts around the globe for adding some holiday spirit to the group fitness experience.

Start It Up Episode 88: Kyle House Fitness Offers New Approach | WUTC

As a fitness instructor, Kyle House built a loyal client base.  This popularity has inspired Kyle to co-found Kyle House Fitness on West Main Street.

On this episode, Kyle talks with Start It Up Host Monty Bruell about his unique approach to achieving and maintaining fitness.  Kyle has learned that managing a business requires different skills than teaching a class.

New Southside fitness studio combines exercise techniques for unique experience

New Southside fitness studio combines exercise techniques for unique experience

...House is a former collegiate cheerleader who has developed a new workout style called HIIPfit, which stands for high-intensity interval programming.

The programming incorporates a combination of cardio, weight training and yoga-centric movements in one class, ensuring a balanced approach to working out.

Artful Yoga: Get Your Heart Pumping — Hunter Museum of American Art

This month we welcome Kyle House of Kyle House Fitness for a yoga-centric fitness practice. Feel all your muscles burn as we draw inspiration from a sculpture to sculpt your own body in a more rigorous practice.

Participants are required to bring a mat and to wear shoes you would wear to the gym for this more rigorous practice. Towels and water bottles are also recommended.

The $5 donation for this class supports the Hunter Museum’s educational programs. Since the gallery portion of the program is so integral to the experience, we do ask that all participants arrive on time in order to be a part of the artful yoga program

Viral Pokemon Go Promotes Working Out!

Viral Pokemon Go Promotes Working Out!

CHATTANOOGA — Businesses have been milking Pokemon Go to attract customers as possible advertisements. One Chattanooga man is doing something similar, but with a healthier message.

Kyle House represents"Kyle House Fitness," and he's a local personal fitness coach and trainer. He's also a pretty big Pokemon Go player. He created a Facebook video that creates a work out plan while laying the game. The video has gone viral, reaching nearly 11,000 views since it was first posted.