Go with the flow and get results fast with options that save you money and fit your schedule. HIIPfit Class Passes are a membership to KHF and allow you to attend a specific number of HIIPfit classes a month.

Memberships come in four times, six times or eight times during any available time slot during a 30-day period.

The unlimited CLASS PASS allows you to attend up to thirty (30) sessions at any time slot during a 30-day period. 


*This monthly class pass allows you to attend the designated commitment amount (4,6,8, unlimited) HIIPfit classes during any available time slot during a 30-day period. Your 30-day time period begins on your date of purchase. Contract commitments activate at purchase. By signing up for this package you elect yourself to pay your package fees by automatic Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or credit card. This class pass is on a month-to-month recurring commitment and can be cancelled at any time. Class pass classes must be used within the 30 day period and are non-transferable. Classes for monthly class passes may not be refunded. Please notify Kyle House Fitness management about any changes to your account. 

Please note that once you purchase a CLASS PASSES you will still need to login and reserve your desired class times via MindBODY.